Living in Coventry

Living in Coventry


Coventry is not just a city but a life itself. It was the capital of England not once but twice and is laden with rich heritage. This multi-cultural city has immense aura and positivity of a small town yet the underlying benefits of a big city. It is a thriving place to be in the United Kingdom.

Living and Life: Coventry has been a large settlement for centuries. It is built on River Sherbourne which remains largely hidden by infrastructure around. Like any other city, this one too has its own social divide. The southern part of the city has a base of much affluent and well to do folks whereas the northern part has a simpler life. This place has its own vibrancy with affordable housing and good education and plenty of employment opportunities especially for the IT sector and Engineering sector. Recently the city has been gaining tremendous social, cultural and economic benefits, in regards to the tourism and job opportunities. Coventry is an affordable place to dwell as compared to its nearby towns and cities. Due to the presence of the Universities, there is always a surge in demand for accommodation by students.

Transport/Commuting: Another thing not be missed is its proximity to an international city Birmingham which gives this one, an edge over others. It is very convenient to travel from Coventry to Birmingham by train or even by road for work, study, shopping or entertainment. This might save you the unnecessary cost of living and spending in a big city over a smaller one. General aesthetics of the city are such that it is well connected to even Glasgow, London and beyond, through road, rail links and buses. So, you are never short of getting a ride to and fro from this place.

Food: The population of the city is not much as compared to other cities, but it has a spectacular diversity quite prominent in terms of food, education, religious places of worship etc. It is an amalgamation of British and Asian cultures as you can find food pleasing the palette of all kinds of people from Europe, Asia and America. There are plenty of takeaway or sit-in restaurants and cafes. You can see the presence of all the popular food chains and coffee shops around the city. Pubs and night clubs make the whole ambience quite delectable for the youngsters. The city celebrates global influences in terms of food and encourages all for the same.

Education and Sports: Education for all ages is popular as the place holds plenty of primary, middle and secondary schools. Besides the two top Universities that is the University of Warwick( located on the Southern part) and University of Coventry(located at City Centre) .

Additionally, Coventry is also home to Arden University’s Headquarters, however as an online learning specialist, no teaching takes place within Coventry however there are various study options available for their teaching centres based in London, Manchester and Birmingham

There’s plenty to do in Coventry as a student, whether you are into music,sports, art or fashion as the City Centre campus puts the people right at the heart of the action. Coventry has sooner than soon become a student city with a wide range of different cultures and ethnic groups giving it a bustling and friendly environment. Few of the city’s most popular sports are actually, Ice hockey, Football, Rugby League and Speedway. While others are Stock Car Racing, Cricket, Field Hockey and Athletics. You can watch the energy of Coventry in real action at the Sky Dome Arena where they compete in the Leagues.

Culture and People: City Centre is the heart of the city, always hustling and bustling with people and life. Here you can procure anything you need and is always full of people from all walks of life. Rather it is the cultural hub of the city and here you can find people from all across the globe. Other cultural hot spots around Coventry include its Herbert Art Gallery and Museum and also Bagot’s Castle. Both these places present the city’s diversely rich history.

Adding to this there is Warwick Arts Centre, The Belgrade Theatre and many Cathedrals. Coventry generally thrives with University students because of the presence of two good international Universities here. People are usually gentle, warm and friendly needless to mention, a lot depends on one’s ownself too.

Weather: Climate here is mild and generally warm and temperate the reason being, this city is situated at only 91 m above sea level. Coventry has a significant amount of rainfall throughout the year and this happens even during the driest months. The average temperature of the city is around 9-10 degree celcius. Regarding weather, one should be rather updated through the app to avoid any kind of discomfort while stepping out, as these days it changes as fast as people’s mood.

Business and Investments: Past few years Coventry is getting better in terms of creating better jobs as it continues to attract external investment which is generating new jobs for local people. Recently it was named as one of the top 10 cities in the country for rising employment and business growth. Many motor companies of Coventry have contributed significantly in establishing and giving name and fame to the British Motor Industry. Although no motor part is manufactured anymore in Coventry and all is procured from China but assembled there. There are many shopping arcades, departmental stores, markets and malls in this city. Even banks and ATMs are visibly present.

Coventry is gearing up for an incredibly exciting journey as it has won the title of U.K. City of Culture 2021. This is the third title holder of quadrennial award which began in 2013. It is indeed a vibrant city brimming with joy and opportunities which will inspire and transform life for many.


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The Ulearn Universe includes prestigious Universities across the UK, offering hundreds of courses, including the most sought after, career-focussed courses, panning through the most popular domains.

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