How To Improve Your Reading Comprehension

How To Improve Your Reading Comprehension



Reading comprehension is the basic ability to understand the meaning of the sentence while reading it. Many people face difficulty in reading, which ultimately affects their performance, be it academic or professional.

If you are facing similar problems, there are a few tips to help you through:


  1. Find interesting books: To overcome the problem of reading comprehension, the first step should be finding interesting books. Once you have something that you actually like, your interest is bound to go up.
  2. Read aloud: Reading the words out loud helps the reader to gain a better understanding of the text. This helps to retain more and comprehend the meaning of it. It might also improve your pronunciation
  3. Re-read confusing parts: If you come across a confusing section, it is better to revisit it until you can understand the meaning. By this exercise, you will gain a complete picture of what’s being said.
  4. Use your finger to follow: The most common problem with reading is how easily we tend to lose our focus. If that’s the problem you face while reading, use your finger to read along and keep track of sentences and text.
  5. Write down difficult words: It is common to stumble upon difficult words while reading a book or text. If you don’t know the meaning, note down the unfamiliar word separately and then look up for their meanings later on. This will not only enhance your reading comprehension but also expand your vocabulary.

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