Living in UK

Outstanding Academics, essential lifetime experience

Don’t miss this opportunity. Apply now to study at a top  UK University with Ulearn .The universities help you to pull out the best in you and encourage you to develop your  potential while enjoying the full social life.

Not only does the UK University provide you the practical skills that is necessary to transition seamlessly into the workforce upon your graduation, but also make sure that you will have a good sense of social justice so that you make the transition responsibly.

A Welcoming City

You will never feel homesick as you will be able to share your experiences with friends in the city from your own home country.

Great work opportunities

The UK university degrees are recognised by companies and associations all around the world.

Safe and Supportive City

Most universities give free access to support services both on and off campus.Student societies and clubs also work actively.

Global network of friends

Great place to establish an international connect with friends from across the globe.

Course of your choice

Generally courses can be split into three levels - foundation programmes, undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses.

Cultural mix

The UK university provides it's students with a culturally rich and enriching study experience.
Reputation and Quality
Make friends for life
Range of flexible options
World-leading research
  • The UK is the second leading study destination in the world.
  • As per the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings, more than 76 UK universities feature in the top universities of the world.
  • About 400 universities and institutions offer more than 50,000 courses to over 400,000 international students

Great place to live and make friends for life.

  • Lively and friendly environment
  • Safe and welcoming
  • Access to free NHS treatment in an emergency


  • Accommodation to suit your pocket
  • A well organised and defined public transport system

Science and research work is a major attribute of the UK university. Students graduate from UK university experience an in-depth knowledge and experience that are in high demand around the world.

  • UK is a global powerhouse of science and research.
  • Students are exposed to the cutting edge emerging technology.
  • It offers outstanding academic support .There are over 120 different libraries, including the British Library which houses over 150 million books. Three million new items are added to the collection of the British Library every year.

Why Study Here?

  • UK is the top choice with international students from over 200 different nations.
  • It is a center for academic excellence. 
  • It offers outstanding academic support and facilities for students. There are over 120 different libraries, including the British Library which houses over 150 million books.
  • UK university cultural offering is ideal for students who are looking for a culturally enriching study experience.
  • UK  is a great place for students to have fun. There are loads of cinemas to watch the latest movies, amazing  parks to enjoy the British sunshine, live music venues to discover the latest bands,  restaurants to enjoy food from around the world and  bars and pubs to have fun with your friends

A world class education  in world class city.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that whether it is academics,lifestyle or culture, UK university have it all.