Living Costs in Canada – Tips for new students

Living Costs in Canada – Tips for new students


Student Living Costs in Canada

Making a detailed expenditure plan can aid you in the long run if you’re someone who is moving to Canada to progress your studies further. To aid you in doing so, we’ve listed some important costing details that you should consider factoring into your expense plan.

  • Accommodation Costs – Depending on the region that you’ll be living in, the accommodation costs range from $3,000 to $7,000. Therefore, it is suggested that you set aside $250-$700 per month to pay for the accommodations that you’ll be taking.
  • Transport Costs – The monthly cost again depends on the region that you will be moving to. If it either Toronto or Montreal, it is suggested that you invest in the monthly train pass which costs CAD$99.75 and CAD$65 respectively.
  • Food – Depending on if you’re a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, monthly food costs will vary. Assuming that you don’t go out to eat often and prefer cooking your own meal, the monthly food costs should set you back around CAD$100.
  • Miscellaneous – There are always additional expenses that one can’t always plan for. Maybe it’s for buying a replacement component for your laptop or for experiencing new things in a foreign land, you should always keep extra padding in your expenses list.


The above-stated are just a few components that you should be considered while making an expense plan. It should be noted that the above pricing can vary from region to region and should only be taken as a reference rather than a guideline.