Student accommodation in UK – Deciding the type of accommodation

How Ulearn helps in student accommodation

If you’ve chosen your course and institution, the next step is to start thinking about your accommodation options.

Ulearn Education helps you provide student accommodation which is safe and closer to your university. We have engaged various student accommodation providers to  help finalise accommodation based on student preferences.

How Ulearn can help:

  1. Ulearn will ask preferences from the student like cost range, sharing, distance from university and any other preferences,
  2.  We have partnered with various accommodation providers who are expert in student accommodations and they will help the student finalize the location and stay.
  3.  Ulearn education also helps in viewing the accommodation before you finalize.
  4. We help in procuring any document from the university which may be required for finalizing the lease.


Ulearn can help students finalise their accommodation in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester, Northwales , Scotland and other cities in UK.

Contact Ulearn today for securing your  seat and accommodation   in the UK