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Ulearn Education Partnerships

Ulearn Education  emphasizes to students the importance of finding their “best fit” university  – the same applies for university partnerships.

Institutions of higher education across the world recruit qualified international students to their campuses and classrooms. Each university is unique in its own way and have set of resources available. In addition to recruiting qualified international students,  institutions may be interested in establishing partnerships with institutions in other countries or in the UK.

International students bring unique perspectives and experiences that add tremendously to the life and culture of UK  institutions.

Ulearn Education is an education intermediary and is proud to announce that we are closely working with DMU in facilitating university partnerships.

Ulearn Education possess a wide array of contacts at various universities of higher education around the globe including the UK and plans to build Global partnerships through collaborations with like minded institutions around the world. Partnerships enhance your global brand and accelerate your growth.


Partnerships can involve a variety of activities, such as joint research , continuing professional development, faculty or student exchanges, cultural meets or  teaching initiatives .  

Ulearn is looking forward for facilitating following types of partnerships:

All our partnerships will be designed to be mutually beneficial to the partners. The student experience is at the forefront of all our partnerships
  • Faculy or Student Exchange ProgrammesProgramme in which students from a university or school study abroad at one of their institution's partner institutions.
  • Study Exchange Programme A programme which allows student to study abroad for a fixed time at a partner university .
  • Culture Exchange International theme based cultural programme in a partner university. This may include a cultural programme, group performances, group activities like Model UN,
  • Academic tripsA short-term visit to another country to understand and explore different learning centeres around the world.
  • ResearchUlearn Education helps different universities to work together for short duration on a common theme or address recurring challenges.

Contributions and connections from our partners offer invaluable support in the personal and professional development .

To partner with us, please contact by email  info@ulearn.education

We encourage external organizations, academic staff or higher education students to get in touch with us to understand how Ulearn Education can help them build partnerships . If you have university outside UK, contact us to know how we plan to build partnership events in 2019.


Recently, Vice Chancellor and Registrar of “University of The Gambia” and Vice Chancellor of University of Sialkot had a formal meeting with partnership departments of DMU and both parties explicitly expressed intent to engage in GPA (General Progression Agreement) and TNE ( Innovative Transnational Education )



Meeting with University of The Gambia at DMU

Meeting with University of Sialkot at DMU