5 Type of Postgraduate Courses in the UK

5 Type of Postgraduate Courses in the UK


The United Kingdom is deemed to be the nexus for academic brilliance and world-class academic courses. If you’re someone wishing to build on your first degree while living in the UK, the following types of Postgraduate courses are certain to provide you with the appropriate pathway.


Master’s Degree

This type of postgraduate course is deemed ideal for anyone who wishes to build upon their initial undergraduate course. To be eligible to apply for a master’s postgraduate course, you need the bachelor’s degree in the same subject.

Master’s degree allows to dive deeper into the subject and gain more insights about the same which can be later applied effectively in your career.


MBA Degree

Instead of building on your undergraduate course, MBA courses are supposed to complement your undergraduate degree by adding management skills to your pre-existing skillset.



Attaining a Ph.D. for a specified subject is the highest academic honor that a student can achieve. This involves studying a subject with extreme detail and hence, is deemed considerably demanding. This degree generally ensures a career in the teaching or research field.


Professional Qualifications

This type of postgraduate courses is touted as the ideal choice if one wishes to gain some practical knowledge about a particular job. Instead of studying the subject in detail, this course focuses more on providing the student with practical first-hand experience of the job.


Postgraduate Diploma

These are deemed ideal if one wishes to add a new skill to their skillset.  Students opting for postgraduate diplomas are given the opportunity to diverge from their undergraduate subject to acquaint themselves with a new and relevant field.


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