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Why Personal Statement

A good personal statement supports your application to study at a university


Be concise and use your natural style

Personal Statement Creator and Sample Personal Statements

Create a Personal Statement and view examples of personal statement. Learn about how to write a personal statement for university or college applications. Know  how to start a personal statement.

Many students may apply to the same university course with the same grades as you. A well written personal statement can mean the difference between standing out from the crowd and your application being rejected.

Personal statements are generally read by admission managers or professors who serve on an admissions committee in the department to which you are applying. Personal statement gives you a chance to sell yourself to the university in a small and easy-to-digest paragraph.


What is personal statement format ?

A personal statement is like a short reflective essay you write about why you’re the perfect candidate for the course you’re applying to.

A good personal statement supports your application to study at a university . It’s an opportunity for you to express why you like to study a particular course and what skills and experience you possess that show your inclination towards the selected subject area. Basically you are telling admissions staff why you’re suitable to study at their university or college.


It’s important to remember that personal statement is same even if you are applying at different universities. So its better to avoid mentioning any university by name.


Here are some useful sample personal statements you can refer . Once you are ready to write a personal statement, click on the ‘Create Personal Statement’ button below.

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Writing Personal Statement

Few points you can consider when you write a personal statement.
  • Be concise and use your natural style. Show enthusiasm if you can
  • Mention any award , praise or even personal satisfaction you achieve when you study the course you are applying for
  • Do not criticize any other university , student or professors in your personal statement
  • It is always better to read aloud your personal statement and get your teachers or friends to recheck. Read at least two times and see if there are any grammatical or spelling errors
  • Mention your skills and experiences in the relevant subject area and why this area interests you
  • You may include any musical or sporting club you belong to or any hobby you feel is worth mentioning
  • If you have done any voluntary service you can mention that in your personal statement