London: Best City For Education

London is the best city in the world for university students



The city of London, nestled deep within the heart of the United Kingdom, offers the visitors and students a brimming array of attractions and other additional perks. One of the most significant of which happens to be the unparalleled quality of education that students are provided with.

According to QS Education Data Analysts, London City has been ranked as the best spot for education and learning. This data has been produced by surveying over 50,000 students about their experiences in the city. The top spot, which was previously owned by Montreal and Paris, is granted to a city based on the quality of learning that the students get along with the number of universities that are in the specified region. Ulearn is your gateway to the best universities in UK. Click here to view Post Graduate Courses in UK.

The detailed survey also specifies that London has the highest concentration of world-class education hubs when compared to other educational nexuses around the world.

Despite ranking averagely on the affordability criteria, the analysts at QS still deem London to be the best city for education and learning. Given the detailed report and a reputed organization behind the same, the statement that says London is the best city in the world for university students leaves little to be argued upon.

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