How to Prepare for a University Fair

How to Prepare for a University Fair

University Fairs or Education Fairs are a must to visit if you are looking for studying abroad and this should be done for more than one reason. These fairs are being organized nowadays at many cities, big and small as a lot of young ambitious crowd is interested in studying and working abroad. The millennials who bear a spark, want to explore the world and surge ahead are most likely to hit such fairs. They don’t even cost much and often offer valuable information.

How to Prepare for a University Fair

The best thing to do before visiting a fair is do the necessary search and the research about what one wants to study, where those courses are offered and where would they like to dwell in. Think about your long-term goals and see how your interests and choices align with those. It’s important to maintain a synergy between where you want to stay and what you want to study because you will invest a whole lot of resources into this decision. If you don’t like where you live or what you are studying, there might just be a feeling of regret or guilt and no one wants that.

Another very important aspect is that one should never visit a fair with a rigid and closed mindset regarding the course or the University or even the place. The approach should be open and one should absorb the inputs with an open mind.

Best is to prepare three TO DO lists for before, during and after the fair. Now let’s go through these steps one by one.

TO DO BEFORE THE FAIR: It’s all about the prep!

Think and list down the courses you would like to study ahead depending upon your choice and preference of subjects.

Select few countries / cities or even Universities you would like to explore.

Research about the above along with the course you want to do and its viability in the longer run.

Update your CV. Mention all your achievements and accomplishments till date.

You can even subscribe for your preferred universities’ newsletters and start getting updates beforehand.

Do not forget to carry basic stationary such as a notepad, some pens and a highlighter too.

Prepare a set of questions or queries you would like to put up. Here remember three S’s … Keep it Simple, Smart and Specific. Do not throw irrelevant questions on the counselors. Value their time.

Your approach should be to the point, depicting your keenness to join a good college or University.

You can take somebody to accompany you, may be parents or friends, but their inquisitiveness should not be overpowering yours.

TO DO AT THE FAIR: It’s about being open and inquisitive!

Firstly find out the list of the colleges and Universities participating in the fair and decide your preferences to visit them according to your priorities.

On meeting the representatives, first listen to what they have in store to offer you and later start your volley of questions.

Get clarity on any point you wish to understand better with regards to the course, the city or the country but don’t get carried away by what they say. After all, it is their job to highlight only positive things about the Universities they are representing.

Make sure to ask about scholarship opportunities as well. University representatives can guide you well.

Make notes if possible or simply jot down few main points after visiting each kiosk. This way it will be easier to later decide about the opportunities and obstacles of each.

Collect brochures, booklets and pamphlets offered as besides carrying relevant information they even contain the required phone numbers and E mail IDs.

If it’s a small fair then do visit all stalls but in a bigger one visit few selected ones. Remember, if you attend more, then due to a time constraint you will spend less time at each thus missing on some important information.

Don’t jump to conclusions immediately.

Ask genuine questions to the counselors showing your keenness to join the University  and don’t waste their and your time by focusing on vague issues.

Gather information and return back gleefully for now starts your real homework.

TO DO AFTER THE FAIR: It’s all about comparing notes!

Now that you are back from the University fair, you have to start brainstorming as you have gathered plenty of information.

Read all your notes with a fresh approach and compile them specifying the University names.

Critically analyse the details and short list your selected few Universities.

Discuss the positives and negatives of each selected University and course with your friends or parents.

Few new questions might pop up whilst the discussion, these can be taken up with the University counselors again through phone or E-mails.

This brings you a step closer to your selection of a dream college for yourself. Still stay open in your hunt for that best University that suits you and visit a fair or two and you’ll be all set to pack your bags and leave your home grounds for a better and brighter future. Get Set Go.

All the Best!