Personal Statement – Science

Personal Statement

Science has been a passion of mine since a young age. I have always been intrigued and enthusiastic towards science especially the biology aspects. After seeing how the research of science has progressed on in recent years and the fascinating way the human body works itself to keep a person healthy inspired me and makes me want to contribute and to be a part of a community that is always seeing improvements in people. I see myself as being extremely capable as part of this working environment because I believe I am determined, hardworking, passionate and strong minded which are qualities that are needed and that I have demonstrated through my academic years.

Throughout my academic years I feel as though I have gained enough experience to adapt into my chosen course at university, so when starting university in September I wouldn’t waste any time and would be fully ready to get on with the course.
For example, studying Applied science at A level has taught skills that would be useful in a biomedical career, for example safety measures and how to deal with situations correctly if accidents occur during research and labs. It has also taught me how to accurately carry out my own experiments and then write up lab reports about the results I obtained. As well as this, I learned how to reference which is essential at university and exam techniques and essay writing skills. Furthermore, it has provided me with a lot of knowledge as I have covered many topics which are all related to a biomedical career e.g. I have covered Biology Chemistry, Physics Maths, Science skills.
Studying psychology at A level, has taught me a lot about the biological aspects of how a human works. It has also built on my research skills as I dealt with many case studies that helped me with my own research, which lead to me coming up with my own theories and hypothesis.

As well as this, I have taken part in a six- week first aid course with St John Ambulance, covering a variety of things. I was taught how to treat a person if they are choking, if they have bleeding or bruising and how to treat stings and bites. Then towards the end of the course I was taught harder modules which included: severe bleeding, recovery positions, resuscitation, joint injuries, muscle and bone injuries.
This was helpful as many accidents can occur in the field of work I would like to work pursue because there are many practical elements in it including lab work and working with harsh chemicals so if accidents were to occur I have the qualification to help. This also allowed me to develop the skills of working under pressure. This is needed because there will be many times I will be under pressure, but I would not allow it to affect my working ability.

Overall, I believe I am a well-rounded student, as well as academics I have pushed myself to make sure I take part in extracurricular. I have been part of many sporting teams including: netball, football, rugby and rounders’ which shows I am capable of working with other people as part of team. I have taken many leadership roles like sports captain and house captain which shows my confidence and my ability to communicate which is essential in this career. I have won many awards over my academic years suggesting I have good qualities that can be applied to my degree.