International Relations MA

Reasons to study International Relations at DMU:

On this course you will develop an advanced understanding of key global issues such as globalisation, international political economy, security, health and the role of states and non-state organisations.

There is wide diversity in the range of study, from international relations theory to regional integration. It will provide you with an advanced level of understanding of the modern world, including the way in which states, regions and international organisations interact. 

  • Wide variety of modules
    Provides the opportunity to study a wide variety of fascinating modules
  • Learn from internationally renowned staff
    You will study in a research-rich academic environment with the opportunity to be taught by internationally renowned staff and to participate in research seminars, conferences and annual lectures
  • Add international experience to your CV
    You will have the opportunity to take part in #DMUglobal overseas study trips.
  • Excellent student experience
    Benefit from the input of high profile visiting scholars, academic staff with wide geographical subject coverage and the opportunity to participate in study trips abroad.



At DMU, we are committed to helping our graduates enhance their careers and personal development through further study.

#DMU Global High Flyers Award
The DMUglobal High Flyers Award offers students a discount of up to £1,000 towards a #DMUglobal opportunity (subject to terms and conditions).

Course modules

  • Theory and Practice of International Relations – this module will provide you with an advanced understanding of international relations theory and its relationship to the contemporary world. The module starts by introducing the subject discipline of international relations and emphasises the significance and relevance of theory in explaining the contemporary world. The module then provides an understanding of the key theories and evaluates the main differences between the competing positions. By doing so, you will gain an understanding of how the practices of international relations are informed by theoretical perspectives.
  • Globalisation – globalisation affects business and society at all levels. In this module, you will gain an understanding of the historical background to globalisation as well as an understanding of the economic, political and commercial contexts of globalisation. You will develop an awareness of globalisation debates together with an understanding of the effects of globalisation on various actors and an awareness of the relationship between globalisation and business
  • Research Methodology – this module presents research in management and business as a strategic activity that occurs within the context of limited resources and within a framework of ethical, legal and social constraints. Attention is focused on data collection techniques appropriate for research in management and business, along with techniques for the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data

You will also select four elective modules which might include:

Dissertation: You must also undertake a dissertation, providing an invaluable opportunity to work in-depth on a particular aspect of any international relations topic of your choice. You will need to apply and enhance your technical knowledge and critical awareness in a subject of your choice.

Note: All modules are subject to change in order to keep content current.