BA (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year

Course overview

Embark on a transformative academic journey with our BA (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year programme. This innovative four-year programme is designed for students who are eager to build a solid foundation in business fundamentals before diving into more specialised coursework. The programme combines a comprehensive introduction to key concepts in management, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship with opportunities for hands-on learning and industry engagement.

The foundation year serves as a springboard for students to develop essential academic skills and knowledge necessary for success in higher education. Through a blend of foundational courses in business and management, students acquire critical thinking, communication, and study skills that will serve them throughout their academic and professional careers. They also gain exposure to key business concepts and principles, laying the groundwork for deeper exploration in subsequent years.

Building on the foundation year, students progress to the core curriculum of the BA (Hons) Business Management programme. Over the next three years, they delve into advanced topics in business management, including organisational behaviour, strategic planning, financial analysis, marketing strategy, and innovation management. Through a combination of lectures, seminars, case studies, and practical projects, students develop a comprehensive understanding of business dynamics and learn to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.

At our institution, we recognise the importance of bridging the gap between academia and industry. Throughout the programme, students have ample opportunities to engage with industry professionals through guest lectures, industry projects, internships, and networking events. These experiential learning opportunities not only enhance students’ understanding of business concepts but also provide valuable insights into current industry practices and trends. Students also have the chance to participate in study abroad programmes and international exchanges, gaining a global perspective on business management and expanding their professional networks.

Our BA (Hons) Business Management programme offers students the flexibility to tailor their studies to suit their interests and career aspirations. With a wide range of elective courses and specialisation tracks available, students can choose to focus their studies on areas such as marketing management, financial analysis, human resource management, or international business. By specialising in a particular area, students can develop expertise and skills that are highly sought after in their chosen field, enhancing their employability and career prospects.


Why study this course?

Develop sought after skills in communication, analysis, and problem solving

Enhance your employability

Understand the business environment in a local, national, and international context

Gain highly transferable skills

Course details


Regent College London


4 years


In-person,On demand,Online


£ 9,250 per year,


Flexible options with weekday, evening, and weekend classes available. Check when you apply.



Foundation Year

  • Business Essentials
  • Academic And Professional Development
  • Digital Skills Development
  • Career and Contemporary Employability Skills

Year 1

  • Global Business Context
  • Introducing Inclusive People Management
  • Data Analytics and Decision Making
  • Accounting and Finance for Manager
  • Contemporary Marketing Essentials
  • Team Psychology (Micro Module)
  • Social Media Fundamentals (Micro Module)
  • Enterprise and Opportunity (Micro Module)
  • Reflection of Character Development (Micro Module)
  • Thinking into Character – Personal Development Plan (Micro Module)

Year 2

  • Ethical Business and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Market Research Skills
  • Managing Complex Projects and Sustainable Operations
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship: Commercial and Social
  • Digital Business and Innovative Technologies (Optional)
  • Consumer Behaviour (Optional)
  • Business Negotiations in Practice (Micro Module)
  • Managing Diverse Teams (Micro Module)
  • Integrated Marketing Communication ( Micro Module)
  • Climate Change: Transforming your Organisation for Sustainability (Micro Module)
  • Employability and Sustainability (Micro Mod

Year 3

  • Leadership and Management in a Global Context
  • Research / Consultancy Proposal
  • Corporate Strategy and Sustainable Proposal
  • Dissertation / Consultancy Project
  • Sustainable Product Development (Optional)
  • Leading Innovation and Managing Change (Optional)

Entry requirements

32 UCAS points
(this can be made up of different levels of level courses.

Academic interview

Suitability for entry to our programmes can be demonstrated in several ways and is not limited to academic qualifications alone.

For more information on the UCAS points for your qualification, go to the UCAS tariff calculator). If you have studied in a non-majority English speaking country, you will typically be asked to complete an English language test (speaking, listening, reading and writing). The expected level is IELTS 5.0 or equivalent, with no element below 4.5. These are our standard entry requirements, but we may consider lowering these for students that perform well in interview.

You will also be asked to attend an Intention of Study Meeting. Suitability for entry to our programmes can be demonstrated in several ways and is not limited to academic qualifications alone. Applicants who do not meet our published entry requirements are encouraged to contact our recruitment and admissions team for advice.

How to apply

  •  Apply through our agents